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SAPNE: Voice Of The Mothers And The Youth

Bijoy Misra

Voice of the Mothers and the Youth
SAPNE Poets’ Meeting February 25

Mothers make the base of the universe.  They give us life, language, habits and food.  They nourish us and nurture us all our life.  The mother remains the best friend one ever had, they look at us in pride and mirth.  We are products of a mother’s sacrifice.  She presents herself to us as a source of courage, tolerance, generosity and love.  She is resilient, she knows her role without being trained.  All children are equal to her, she has love for all.

What does the mother speak?  What is her language?  Her silence is her voice, her looks are her expressions.  Then we have Mother Earth and some of us call Mother India.  What do they want, how do we associate with them?  We kill their children in the schools.  We send their children to the wars.  We maim their children, we cause pain to mothers for our happiness.  How does the mother cry?  Can we help clear a mother’s tears?  Do we understand our mothers?

For the youth, the mother is the refuge.  How does the youth view the universe?  Do they observe the beauty of nature, the change of seasons, the blossoming of spring?  Do they observe the cruelty of the man and the kindness of a few?  Do they observe the society, its disparity, its inertia and its many falsehoods?  Do they cry for their friends, the man in need, the remote man who perished?  Do they soar to touch the moon?

We wish to invite all to a poets’ meeting organized by the South Asian Poets of New England to be held on Sunday, February 25, 2018, at Cary Memorial Library, 1874 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington, MA.  We begin at 2 PM and end at 4:30 PM.  You can choose to read a poem in any language on the topic, or preferably, you read your own composition.  Do participate and lend a voice.  Let us celebrate the bondage!

South Asian Poets of New England is a local poets’ group formed in 2008, built on the South Asian poet assemblies at Harvard University that began in 1997.  The organization is supported by India Discovery Center, Inc.  Please visit http://southasiapoets.wixsite.com/sapne for more information on SAPNE.  Feel free to write to Bijoy Misra at misra.bijoy@gmail.com or Chandu Shah at bostonwale@gmail.com with any question.

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