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Excitement Builds For Lokvani Community And Youth Celebrations



The nominations are in! The selection is done. We are ready to present the awards. We are getting ready for a fabulous evening featuring art, music, dance, poetry and theater.  We look forward to seeing everyone on Dec 16 at the Ambrosia Banquet Hall in Foxborough, MA. 

“It all started with a breakfast of Idli Sambhar at the home of Nirmala Garimella. I was chatting with the Lokvani team when the idea for the event was born” says Praveen Mishra who gave the idea for the event. 

Lokvani has two strong focuses  - Community and Youth. Thus it was natural for Lokvani to create an event to celebrate both. “As we went to cover events around New England, we were also very impressed with many of people who worked quietly in the background without seeking any special attention. These are the people, the unsung heroes who are the strength of the community. We decided to seek nominations for these unsung heroes and were delighted to find a group of absolutely amazing individuals to honor” says Anil Saigal, founder of Lokvani. 

Lokvani has always celebrated the accomplishments of youth. Young people work hard and have had significant accomplishments in a variety of areas. We decided to honor these young people with the Rising Star award. 

The South Asian community is now coming of age in the New England area. There are several pioneers who have served as inspiration for the community and thus we decided to honor them with the INSPIRE award. 

The evening will feature music, dance, theater and paintings by our award winners. We will also have a fashion show. A grand meal and DJ dancing will add the right touch to make this a fun evening. 

The event team consisting of Parveen Minocha, Shobha Shastry, Ramila Thakkar, Parveen Mishra, Raksha Soni, Anil Saigal, Nirmala Garimella, Ranjani Saigal, Raj Melville, Pradeep Shukla, Bamiela Sankaran, Sanjay Kanchegowda, Ruchika Arora, Jyothi Sharma, Pallavi Nagesha and Swathi Subramanium has worked hard to put together a fun evening. We look forward to sharing the special evening with all. 


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