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Shaam-E-Ghazal - Music That Touched The Soul

Ranjani Saigal

Ghazal is a genre that is like a delicate fragrant flower – when treated with care, it can fill one with its intoxicating fragrance. Shaam-E-Ghazal with Kiran Nath certainly did that and more for the audience that was truly enraptured by the magic of the melodious music. 

The event was hosted at the Chinmaya Maruti in Andover, MA on Sept 23, 2017. 
The concert was presented as a ghazal mehfil, full of slow, romantic and sensuous music, beautiful poetry, and soulful delivery. The mood was created, enhanced and held together by the emcee Kumkum Pareek Malik. Throughout the evening, Kumkum wove poetry, music and mood together just by talking with the audience and helping us understand and enjoy the masterful compositions of Shaira Kiran Nath.

Following a very poetic introduction of the singer by Syed Ali Rizvi, the musical part of the evening commenced.    Kiran Nath opened with  her own composition Kaise kah dun tum kya ho mere…..followed by Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s Bahaar Ayee. Nath then deftly moved into a Thumri – Mora Siyaan Mohse Bole Na.  Young Kunal Nath then took the stage and presented his mother’s composition, Deewana karengi tumhari yeh baatein..…. Despite being raised the US, Kunal was able to not only deliver a fine musical performance but was able to bring out the right emotion with his rendition.    Other performers presented different compositions. Harish Dang  recited one of Kiran Nath’s composition Hansi ke baad ki muskaan…. Dang always delights with his recitations and he did not disappoint.   Poppy Charnalia presented EK baar muskura do….and Mitali Wahidi presented Phir aankh jami hai raste par….. Shameek Nath presented Phir phool khila barsaat aayee… and Chaahat se badh kar tumhe chaahein…….. Each singer with their beautiful voices did a fine rendition of the compositions. 

Another Nath composition Chaand mat kehna tum mujhko was recited by Sadia Chaghtai. Harish Tole on the Tabla,  Chris ji,  on Keyboard and Brett on Guitar provided fabulous accompaniment to the evening. 

For me the whole evening was magical. As I walked in Kiran Nath ji with her complete command of the music had the ability to bring out the perfect Bhava of each composition that gave a wonderful Rasa-Anubhava to the listeners.  She also was able to guide her fellow musician to create a wonderful experience for the listener. 

For those who did not attend the event, it was truly a great loss. For us who attended it as a special blessing to hear a maestro present her craft in the finest possible manner. 

We look forward to future recitals soon !

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