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5 Things Buyers Should Do Before They Start Looking At Homes

Stephen Friree

5 things buyers should do before they start looking at homes

Get pre-qualified for a mortgage. See us and we’ll run the numbers to tell you the mortgage size and terms you qualify for. This gives you the price range of homes to look at and makes you more attractive to sellers.

Pay attention to finances.Decide how much you have for a down payment and what you can afford monthly for mortgage, taxes, insurance and other homeowner costs. Delay any major purchases and loans.

Decide on location. The old joke goes, in real estate the three most important factors are location, location and location. Pick the area you want to live based on your needs, such as schools, distance to work, family, shopping and entertainment.

Make three lists. 1) Have-to-haves. 2) Like-to-haves. 3) Deal breakers. Expect these lists to be revised, given the realities of your budget and where you want to live.

Hire a good buyer’s agent.This real estate professional helps you find, select and negotiate your purchase. The seller pays the fee, but you usually agree to work with a buyer’s agent for a period of time, so choose wisely. Find someone with people skills and knowledge of your target location. It’s fine to check online, but the best referrals come from acquaintances, relatives and co-workers. Always ask for references.

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