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Srikrishna And SrimadBhagavadgita

Bijoy Misra

The life story of SriKrishna is still not fully established.  We have reference in the epic Mahabharata, and we have geographic places bearing the names from the epic.  But we have not yet discovered any archaeological evidence of the structures or the ruins.  Mathura and Vrindavana on the banks of the river Yamuna are considered to be SriKrishna’s childhood residences, but all history is possibly buried deep.  Scientists have located a submerged city off the west coast of India, which could be connected to the old town of Dwarika, built during SriKrishna’s time. 

While the historical evidence remains uncertain, SriKrishna’s philosophical impact on the world has been phenomenal.  His observations on life, assertions and instructions have been admired all over the world and his message on “call to duty” has been considered the most objective and the most secular teaching among all messages in the world.   We do not have a formal birthday for him, the eighth day following the full moon in the Indian month of Sravana has been observed as his birthday.  Born in detention to imprisoned parents, the story of SriKrishna has been one of emancipation, courage and wisdom.   This year the birthday is celebrated on August 14, Monday. 

The legendary wisdom of SriKrishna is recorded in the book SrimadBhagavadGita, which forms a part of the epic Mahabharata.  The setting is that of a battle field where SriKrishna assumes the role of a counselor to the reluctant warrior Arjuna.  Due to reasons of jealousy and egotism, a battle had ensued between two sets of cousins.  Arjuna did become a conscientious objector to participate in annihilating his own kinsmen.  SriKrishna apparently advised Arjuna to engage in battle as a duty and not to ponder on win or loss.  The instruction has become a prescription to live life under any stressful conditions and the technique of concentrating on the local moment has been called “yoga” in the literature.  SriKrishna has been credited with the inventor of the technique.  The technique is verified various ways empirically.

There is a reasonable assumption built in the technique which has formed the basis of the Hindu religion.  The assumption is that life itself is eternal in nature and does reside temporarily in human bodies.  Our local wealth, education, fame or power do not inflict on the natural purity of life.  The body itself may take multiple births through its desires, but the life remains pristine and neutral.  We discover the purity of life by withdrawing from the sensory perceptions that can bring evaluation and comparison.  We all are part of one single source and hence a “yogi” does not distinguish between objects.  So is the path to peace and harmony as instructed by SriKrishna.

We have the opportunity to reflect more through the complete reading of the text of the SrimadBhagavadgita coming Sunday, August 13, 3 PM to 6 PM at Srilakshmi Temple in Ashland.  On behalf of the Temple, I invite all to join the reading.  Texts in various languages will be available.  We will engage in occasional discussions as we read.  Please contact SriLakshmi Temple at 508-881-5775 in case you wish to sponsor the event.  You can get more information by visiting the Temple website at https://www.srilakshmi.org/

Jai SriKrishna

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