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Manisha Mohan Invents A Smart Device To Prevent Women From Sexual Assault

Press Release

Manisha Mohan, a student from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is getting the attention of the world for her invention of a smart device that can prevent women from sexual assault.

Manisha Mohan, a Masters student at MIT has developed a device that she has named Intrepid, which investigates multiple methods that can detect initial signs of assault and develop methods for communication and prevention of assault.

The device, which is a smart sticker, is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth and it can be attached to any piece of clothing.

In order for the device to start working, the user must first download and install an app that accompanies the device. The user can add their phone number and enter five other immediate contacts that will be either called or sent with a message in any case of emergency.

The app developed by Mohan also has an additional option in which if there is no timely response from the wearer.

Mohan’s device, if produced in large numbers, can be proposed as one of the solutions to combat Child Sexual Abuse (CSA), College Campus assault and abuse of elderly and disabled.

The device works on two different mode – active mode and passive mode. In active mode distress message is sent when the victim is unconscious or cannot fight against the assaulter, for example in the case of infants, bed-ridden patients, elderly, disabled, intoxicated people. In passive mode, the victim can self-active the safety mechanism feature.

The design of the clothing to which the smart sticker can be attached to is based on input from sexual assault survivors, 338 on-line participants, 67 volunteers and 20 users.

According to the official MIT page of Intrepid, “Users evaluated the clothing appeal, functionality, cultural sensitivity and provided feedback on their general sense of security wearing the smart clothing.”

“We demonstrate the practicality of our unobtrusive design with user studies that support our technological development and use of olfactory stimuli by showing the effect of smells on sexual arousal and partner selection. We believe our techno social approach can help improve user safety and prevent sexual assault,” the website added.

(https://www.theindianpanorama.news/indians-abroad/indian-american-mit-researcher-develops-smart-sticker-prevent-sexual-abuse/ )

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