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Arangetram: Adhishri Hande And Soumya Atnoor

Anvita Hanchate

On a beautifully decorated stage at the Nashua High School, Adhishri Hande and Soumya Atnoor completed their arangetram under their guru Smt. Neena Gulati. The duo, having trained for many years at the Triveni School of Dance, dazzled the audience with their gracious Odissi, Bharatnatyam, and Kuchipudi pieces.

They started off their performance with dances in the Odissi style, synchronously moving together to invocate the Lord Ganesha. The musicians harmonious sound accompanied flawlessly with the sound of the ankle bells, as the dancers conquered intricate and rhythmic footwork. Their bright and colorful costumes and the smiles on their faces made Soumya and Adhishri's performance seem effortless.

The bharatnatyam and kuchipudi pieces they performed, including Shiv Shakti, Mandari Jathiswaram, and Ramayana Shabdam. "Krishna Nee Bega Nee", a story-dance, sent the audience into laughter with Adhishri's characterization of the naughty Krishna running away from his adoring mother, played beautifully by Soumya.

Their final piece, the infamous thali dance set to "Kaliya Nartana" was inundated with facial expressions and eye movements explaining the story of Krishna and his magnificent feat of destroying the snake Kaliya. What impressed the audience the most was when they picked up brass plates, completing their final piece while dancing on them. The devotional Mangalam at the end of the show sent the audience into vibrant applause as the girls took their bows, thanking their guru, the musicians, and the audience for their presence on that auspicious day.

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