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Significance Of Shiva Aradhana

Pandit Jaya Naraya Badal Ji

Most people like to worship Lord Shiva because it is easy to please him and obtain his blessings. One of His names depicts his characteristics as “Bholenath” that means very innocent and easy going. You just have to have faith on him that is what matter the most. That is why there are many famous temples of Lord Shiva in the world. It is said that nothing is impossible for the devotees of Shiva to get it from him.  Lord Shiva says to his devotees, if someone chants my Mantra, “OM” then they will get good fortune and spiritual knowledge. If this “OM” is chanted on the Chaturdashi with Ardra Nakshatra then the chanter will get tremendous results or victory in all his/her endeavors. A simple pooja of Lord Shiva removes distress and poverty, grants learning strength and wealth, and bestows all desires. It also gives the devotees the transcendental knowledge by elevating the power of thoughts and rekindling the ability of discrimination.

Lord Shiva signifies the unchanging consciousness or the soul of a man and His consort Parvati represents the Maya Shakti or the illusive power that appears as mind. The name Shiva symbolizes his one of 64 forms, Ardhanarishvara - a perfect synthesis of male and female forms. The syllable `Sh’ means permanent bliss, `I’ stands for male energy, `va’ stands for female energy. Vedas declare that worshiping Shiva in the Linga form helps one gain the highest merit in this life and also in the future lifetimes. Accumulated sins of many lifetimes get washed away by sincere devotion and prayers to the lord. In the most Shiva temples, generally, “Shiva Linga” is worshipped and it is believed that the best way to please Lord Shiva is the chanting of ‘OM” Mantra. When Lord Shiva got impressed by king Ravana’s Shiva-Tandavstrotram, he gave him Chandrahas Sword, an invincible weapon as a boon. King Ravana became an ardent devotee of Shiva for his life. In Ravana Samhita, Ravana, the king and great scholar described elaborately the way to do “Shiva pooja.”  It is said that Shiva Linga must be made with sacred soil or metal or stone and placed in an unworldly place and worshipped properly every day in auspicious times as per the process given in our holy epics to get the great results. It is recommended to wear Rudraksha Mala and the holy ash while performing Shiva pooja as they destroy one’s sins. Worshipping Lord Shiva on the banks of any rivers is beneficial in fulfilling the desired wishes of a person.

It is suggested to chant “OM” or “Om Namah Shivaya” for ten or at least one thousand times daily or do daily 108 or 1008 Archanas, if possible. It not only helps the devotees to purify the mind by having control over anger and senses but also to obtain the power to get the grace of Lord Shiva. With his grace the devotees get easily the salvation. That is why some devotees like to reside in or nearby the place of Shiva temple until their death. Some people also believe that performing “Shraddha” or ancestor’s soul upliftment rituals in the area of Shiva Temple will free their souls from all the sins and attain salvation. Different times of Shiva Aradhana provides different results: Morning time Shiva pooja brings peace to mind, afternoon Shiva pooja bestows the fulfilment of physical desires,  evening Shiva pooja delivers power to the worshipper and midnight Shiva pooja fulfills the desired things of the devotees. Shiva Aradhana brings a happiness of haven as there is no other worship that is easier and holier than the Shiva pooja.

The Name of Lord Siva, whether chanted correctly or incorrectly, knowingly or unknowingly, carefully or carelessly is sure to give the desired result. The glory of the name of Lord Siva cannot be established through reasoning and intellect. It can certainly be experienced or realized only through devotion, faith and constant repetition of His name/s and singing His hymns with Bhava (spiritual emotion). Every name of Lord Shiva is filled with countless potencies or Shaktis. The power of His names is ineffable and indefinable. Its glory is indescribable. The efficiency and inherent Shakti of the names of Lord Siva are immeasurable. The mind of a person is purified by constant repetition of Shiva-Stotras and names of Lord Siva. The Stotras or the hymns are filled with good and pure thoughts and their repetition in front of Lord Siva strengthens our good Samskaras. According to the psychological law, “as man thinks that he becomes.” A man/woman, who trains his/her mind with good thinking and holy thoughts, develops a tendency to do good deeds. His/her character is molded and transformed by his/her continued good thinking. When the mind thinks of the image of the Lord Shiva during singing of His hymns, the mental substances actually adopt to the form of the image of the Lord. The impression of the object accompanied with good thoughts remains in the mind. This is called indoctrinating of Samskaras. When this process/act is repeated very often, the Samskaras become deep rooted in the personality of a person and gain strength over the evil thoughts and deeds, and there by a humanistic tendency or pattern is formed in the mind. One, who entertains thoughts of divinity, becomes transformed actually into the divinity himself. His Bhava or disposition also becomes purified and divinized. When one sings the hymns of Lord Siva, he/she is in tune with the Lord and his/her individual mind melts into the cosmic mind and becomes one with Him. Just as the burning quality is natural and inherent in fire, so also the power of destroying the sins or Vasanas with their very roots and bringing the aspirant into blissful union with the Lord through Bhava Samadhi is natural and inherent in the names of Lord Shiva. When we understand the spiritual science pertaining to a Deity, it strengthens our faith in the Deity. Faith increases and with bhav worship becomes more fruitful.

Taking refuse and singing Lord Siva’s hymns incessantly with every incoming and outgoing breath is the easiest, the quickest, the safest and the surest way to reach God and attain immortality and perennial joy. King Ravana appeased Lord Shiva by his hymns and Pushpadanta pleased Lord Shiva by his celebrated Stotra—Shiva Mahima (glory) Stotra, which is sung by all devotees of Shiva throughout India, and obtain all Aisvarya (wealth) or Siddhis and Mukti (salvation). The glory of the Stotras of Shiva is indescribable as it is said that one can easily please Lord Shiva by singing just, OM, or Om Namah Shivaya to get benefits not in the unknown future but right now in this very second.

Here are some powerful rituals of Lord Shiva that change the critical situations in life.

·         If any person is having chronic health issues and no medicine is working then chant Maha Mritunjay Sadhana and see the miracles

·         If anyone is having a negative energy problem at home then offer holy water to Shiva Linga  and collect that water and sprinkle in every part of the house to feel the relief

·         Wearing Rudrabhisheka helps to overcome the hurdles of life

·         To secure the blessings of planet Jupiter, do Abhishekam to Shiva Linga daily for a week with Ghee.

·         When planets like Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Rahu are not placed well in a horoscope, appease Lord Shiva by prayers on Mondays especially, the Mondays in the month of Kartika (mid Nov- mid Dec) and in the month of Shravan (Mid July – Mid August).

·         Women pray to Lord Shiva and observe fasting for the welfare of their husbands and sons. Unmarried women pray to Lord Shiva for Sola Somavar (16 Mondays) for getting a loving husband like him.

·         To become knowledgeable and intelligent light a lamp in the evening in front of Lord Shiva.

·         To get a new vehicle please Lord Shiva by bathing him with Curd.

·         To be blessed with health, wealth, and prosperity offer honey, ghee, and sugarcane juice to Lord Shiva.

·         If you want the happiness of haven then do Shiva Aradhana

·         Feed hungry people and provide clothes to the poor after Shiva Puja

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