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An Artful Interpretation Of Devi, The Goddess

Ravitha Amarasingham

The Triveni Ensemble Dancers, once again, captivated the audience with their inspirational performance to the theme, “Devi, the Goddess”.  With beautifully choreographed dances, set to melodic Indian classical and fusion music,  the Ensemble performers brought to life the many aspects of Devi, the Goddess as, Saraswati, patron of knowledge and the arts, Lakshmi, bestower of fortune, Parvati, the embodiment of love and devotion, Varshini, the benefactor of rain, and Bhairavi or Kali, the fierce warrior. Triveni School of Indian Classical Dance’s Founder-Director, Neena Gulati (Photograph # 1) created anticipation with her passionate storytelling narrated the meaning of each dance and the Ensemble’s exquisite performance had the audience spellbound.

The audience was drawn into the story of each dance and mesmerized by the performers’ percussive footwork and nuanced storytelling.  The Program began with an invocation to Goddess Saraswati.  All dances were exceptional commented the audience and identified two dances (Photograph # 2 and Photograph # 3) in particular as outstanding.   Attendees recalled their emotional experience of the Devi performance as “ mind blowing”,  “unique opportunity to witness the greatness of Indian Classical dance”, “an exceptional cultural experience” , “the Kali/Bhairavi dance could have been performed at the Lincoln Center”, “exquisite footwork and expressive”, “the dances and music combined to give us a scintillating performance”, “a show stopper”.    To standing ovations, the Program’s finale  â€œmangalam” that is ‘giving thanks’ (Photograph # 4) culminated with a sense of exuberance from the performers as well as the attendees.         

The proceeds from the two sold out performances ( April 7 and April 8) are to benefit Pratham, USA, an organization committed to improving children's education in India (www.prathamusa.org) The generous contribution of the Ensemble time and effort is reflected in the event’s success and the. accompanying photographs compliments of Rahul Rathi (www.photonarrations.com).  More information on Triveni Dance School and the Triveni Dance Ensemble is available at www.trivenidance.org.

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