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IAB College Admissions, Legal And Financial Workshops

Ranjani Saigal

The Indian Americans for Burlington held a set of three informational panels. Anil Saigal shed significant light on the college admission while Trupti Patel addressed the potential changes in immigration that is talked about. Dinesh Tanna shared insights into purchasing the right insurance. 

The event was held at the Burligton Library on Sunday, Feb.  19, 2017. This was the first event held under the leadership of  the new committee headed by Menka Jethra.  

Anil Saigal demystified the college admission process.  He stressed the importance  to take the strongest program the school offers. “The most important thing a college looks for is academic excellence.  School systems do not play a significant role in the admission process. You just have to be the best at your school”.  He said that in the US almost all universities are academically sound and will provide a great education.

Attorney Trupti Patel worked to address the concerns around changes in immigration. “It is important to understand that Green Card holders have rights.  Admission to the US cannot be denied to them. Other visa holders do not have the same rights. However at this time, there has been no changes for any visa categories that have been issued for South Asians.  We have to wait what changes will be made". She also said that she and other lawyers are working on a “Know your Rights” presentation to keep people from being fearful. 

Dinesh Tanna talked about the need to assess and get the right amount of insurance for the family. “ Insurance is about managing risk and being at either end is not valuable.” He emphasized the need for an umbrella policy.  He also led an interesting discussion on the health insurance debate.  

Martha Simmons, a member of the Burlington school committee was present and added valuable insights to the conversation.  The school committee is scheduled to present at an IAB meeting on April 9th at 2:00 pm at the Burlington Public Library.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  For more information on IAB, please visit http://www.iabma.org/

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