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Three Ways A Public Insurance Adjuster Protects Your Interests

Stephen R. Friree

Three ways a public insurance adjuster protects your interests

Public insurance adjusters assist homeowners in settling property insurance claims. Here’s how:

-    Remember: Public insurance adjusters work for you, not for the insurance company. So they make sure you get all the benefits your policy provides.

-    Public insurance adjusters know the ropes. They can present your claim with the backup that insurance companies need. Public insurance adjusters also understand legal language and many are trained to identify covered damage and estimate repair or replacement costs.

-    Public insurance adjusters deal with all insurance companies involved. Property claims can involve several insurance companies. Losses tied to faulty appliances, systems or construction can bring in insurance companies covering those manufacturers and builders.

More information: You can find an adjuster at their national association’s site, www.napia.com. Call your state insurance office to find out if an adjuster is licensed (required by 43 states) and if there’s a limit on what they can charge. Ask adjusters how long they’ve been in business, and check references.

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