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Siemens Competition - Regional Finals

Anil Saigal

Region 1 - CalTech
Vineet Edupuganti of Portland, OR, earned top individual honors and a $3,000 scholarship for developing a biodegradable battery that can power ingestible medical devices. Nikhil Cheerla of Cupertino, CA, and Anika Cheerla of Cupertino, CA, shared the $6,000 team scholarship for developing a tool that automates the process of diagnosing and measuring cancerous tumors, which could save the time of pathologists who currently count tumor cells manually.

Region 3 - University of Norte Dame
Pranav Sivakumar of Tower Lakes, IL, earned top individual honors and a $3,000 scholarship for his research studying Almost Dark Galaxies (ADGs), masses that are mainly composed of dark matter, in hopes of learning more about this substance and the history of the universe. 

Region 5 - MIT
Manan Shah of Los Altos, CA, earned top individual honors and a $3,000 scholarship for developing a computational model that will help pathologists more rapidly and accurately assess the severity of breast cancer tumor growth and spread.

They are among 96 students overall selected to compete in regional competitions across the country this month out of a pool of more than 1,600 projects submitted for the competition this year.

These top regional winners are now moving on to the final phase of the Siemens Competition to present their work at the National Finals in Washington, D.C., December 5-6, 2016, where $500,000 in scholarships will be awarded, including two top prizes of $100,000.

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