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IAB Celebrates Diwali

Ranjani Saigal

he Indian Americans for Burlington (IAB)  held their annual Diwali party on Nov. 13 at the new Royal Tavern restaurant in Billerica, MA.  This new organization was formed to allow Indian Americans to contribute in positive ways to make the Burlington community stronger.  The organizers invited John Petrin (town administrator) Selectman Chris Hartling   and School Committee member Martha Simon and officer Rameez Gandevia to join the celebrations and in an effort to get to know the town people. 

Following a meet-and-greet, Neil Bammar welcomed the audience and introduces the current President of (IAB) Ram Voruganti.  Ram talked about the accomplishments of the group in the past year. The group had taken an active role in the July 4th parade organization in Burlington. IAB instituted scholarships at the Burlington High School. They also donated to the food pantry. 

The out going President announced the new team for IAB. Menka Jethra will be the new President. Other committee members include Gini Pookottil, Indra Deb, Satya Prasad, Sheetal Bammar, Dinesh Tanna, Anil Saigal and Ram Voruganti. 

John Petrin and Chris Hartling shared their thoughts with the group. They welcomed the group to work with the town committees and get involved. Martha Simon, school committee member said that making the school an inclusive place was one of her clear priorities.

Rameez Gandevia, an Indian American graduate of Burlington High School has joined the force as a police officer. He stated his commitment to support the community. 

The evening ended with great food by Chettinad grill and a dance party led by DJ Ronak Kapadia. The floor rocked and it was clear everyone had a great time. 

We look forward to seeing the unveiling of the next chapter in the history of Indian Americans of Burligton.

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