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Shishu Bharati To Celebrate Folk-India

Seshi R. Sompuram

 On November 20th, Shishu Bharati, The School of Languages and Culture of India, is going to celebrate “Folk India”.  Students and families from all three-branches (Lexington, Nashua, and Walpole), join the community in celebrating and rejoicing the rich Indian heritage.  Roughly 1,600-1,700 people are expected to gather under one roof at the Lexington Campus. While the Alumni band proudly plays the two National Anthems,  students from all ages (KG-8th grade) will dazzle the audience with Indian Folk dances from various regions. Then, 14 interactive and educational booths await all visitors, promising to wow with diverse and unusual experiences. Guests of the event will have a memorable time, and will take with them cherished memories of Folk traditions from every corner of India. 

Shishu Bharati:
Shishu Bharati, a 38 years old school serving the Indian community, started the 2016 school year with over 870 students registered and about 250 volunteers committed and dedicated to the common goal of providing education to kids. All three locations of Shishu Bharati celebrated “Gandhi Jayanti” and “Nehru Jayanti” - with many kids dressing up as Gandhiji and Nehru ji, singing songs relating to these two icons, presenting their great heroic achievements, and passionately reading and listening to their evergreen and eternal messages. 

In 2016, for the first time for Shishu Bharati, many alumni volunteer students (who met the requirement) also received the United States “Presidents Volunteer Service Award”. Such students were honored with a Certificate, Medal, and a Letter from our Honorable President “OBAMA”, while the younger kids and parents in the audience cheered them on with pride and appreciation.
The corridors of Shishu Bharati are abuzz with enthusiastic kids of all ages – looking ahead to the midterms, poster presentations, debates, discussions, essay competitions, language days and bustling with anticipation for other upcoming big events. 

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