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Boston Bhangra Competition 2016

Press Release

The 13th annual Boston Bhangra Competition will take place on Saturday, November 19th, 2016 at the world renowned Orpheum Theatre. Boston Bhangra will host 11 of the best bhangra teams from North America who will compete to be crowned the Boston Bhangra Champions! The last 12 years of the show have been very successful with strong support from sponsors and has sold out with an attendance of 3,000 people!


Bhangra is a folk dance from the state of Punjab and parts of Pakistan. It is a very energetic and fun dance to watch. It has been compared to a fusion of hip hop and cheerleading with a cultural twist. It has been integrated into many hip hop/reggae songs, and is one of the most upcoming foreign dance forms in the world!

We have 11 teams coming from all over the world to compete! Teams from the United Kingdom and all over the US will fight it out to be the champs! US states include California, Virginia, Michigan, New York, Florida, Texas and Boston!


We will also have special guest performances by Bhangra superstar Amar Sandahu from the US! He has mega hit songs like: Birthday Cake Remix, Rooftop Party, Double Addi and many more!


This show will be advertised regionally via newspaper, radio, in stores and the internet making it the largest south asian promoted event in the northeast!


Sponsors include E3UK, One World Cuisine, Foley Hoag and India New England.


For more Information: 617-448-2508 / www.bostonbhangra.com/bbc


More about Boston Bhangra:


Boston Bhangra is an organization dedicated to cultural understanding and mentorship for youths through a common thread: Bhangra. Bhangra has taken on many definitions in the past decade, and has a strong part in many individual's lives for many different reasons. Our goal is to harness this positive energy to give back to the community and grow as individuals and as a larger group. Boston Bhangra is a recognized 501(c3) corporation.


Event Info
Orpheum Theatre
November 19th, 2016

6 PM

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