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Meera - Bombay Jayashree And Chitra Visweswaran

Ranjani Saigal

 Meera, a collaborative work by Bharatanatyam exponent, Chitra Visweswaran’s Chidambaram Dance Company and well-known vocalist Bombay Jayashri, will trace the spiritual journey of the saint-poetess. Presented by AIM for Seva, the production will not just focus on bhakt Meera but also highlight the struggle of a woman who chose the path of her life

The work will be presented on September 18, 2016 at 4:30 pm, at the Regis College Auditorium, in Wellesley, MA. “Any work on Meera is a challenge since she is so much part of our psyche,” says Chitra. “She occupies a significant position in our literature, music and dance. Most children grow up listening to her story. Yet, the more I researched for this performance, I realized recreating Meera’s devotion, and perseverance would be a joyous experience that needs to be shared. As an artist and a woman, I thought there was so much to take away from her life even in these times.”
Chitra Visweswaran’s handling of any theme is always brilliant. She brings a very reverential  and sensitive approach to presenting any production. Her thorough understanding of the subject and its gentle handling is always a treat. 

Bombay Jayashri not just cherishes setting to music Meera’s timeless poetry, but also working with the experienced dancer and choreographer Chitra Visweswaran. “The excitement doubles when you are working with someone who understands and appreciates your approach and also has so much to bring to the table,” says the vocalist, who feels it wasn’t difficult to set the verses to tune since they are lyrical gems.

“They resonate with such deep thoughts that working on them are like learning life lessons,” adds Jayashri, who is always keen to have a dialogue with her art in new and refreshing ways.

 We can surely expect only magic from this production. 

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