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Neeharika Munjal Speaks At US Embassy In Kenya

Press Release

Neeharika, a 16 years old teenager from Andover, MA, was invited by the US Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya to speak with the Youth of Africa.  She made a presentation on Wednesday, August 10, 2016 to the students in Africa .Her talk titled Life: Past, Present and Future, received rave reviews from the audience. She described her experience from early childhood to her time as a teenager in the USA.  

She opened her talk with her education. She discussed the curriculum and after school activities including her participation in the Technology User Groups, Model UN and the math teams. Giving back is very important to Neeharika and hence she followed this up with a discussion of her wide range of volunteer work that includes supporting education for children in the remote rural villages through Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of USA as an Ekal Youth Leader. She also talked about her volunteering efforts at the Elderly Nursing Homes at the Lawrence General Hospital.  She presented information on what it takes to get into colleges in the US. She also talked about her wide and varied vacations that she has experienced all over the world.  

“ I would to like to sincerely thank you for your extraordinary and impactful presentation about life of a teenage and how to prepare for college. I call it impactful because they (audience) are all asking for more!” said 
Dr. George K. Kamau, the center director. “It is really people like you, who freely give up their own free time against other competing interests which sometimes could be more appealing to share with others their knowledge and best practices that will take this generation to greater heights of prosperity.”

“It was a great experience for me to do this. Representing the youth of the US in another country was a wonderful opportunity and I hope to go back again some day” says Neeharika Munjal. 

Lokvani wishes her the very best in all her endeavors. 

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