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Film Review - Boom

Chitra Parayath

Every one who had seen Kaizad Gustad’s film ‘Boom’ warned me that the film was a disaster, a waste of time and a total loser at the Box Office. That was enough to pique my interest and determination to catch the film and boy, am I glad that I did!

A roller coaster ride replete with petty monsters, pretty models flitting about in precious little, the film seems a gleeful middle finger salute by the director Kaizad Gustad to the holy cows that police morality in Bollywood world. It is not as if the film lacks cinematic value, it is in some ways a grounds-breaking film to come out of Bollywood, it’s wacky theme and wackier treatment will appeal to anyone willing to disentangle their minds out of the clutches of Devdas and K3G mind set. Boom is hard to classify, it is neither art house nor commercial, it is instead a black comedy more Hollywood than Bollywood.

The tale is convoluted, the characters are all pretty human, you have three brainless (not really, you come to realize later on in the film) but busty models, three testosterone driven gangtas, and two small town crooks who set out to outwit the models and the goons.

That about sums up the whole film, but as the film features such Bollywood legends as Amitabh Bachan, Zeenat Aman elevate the stakes a tad, warranting more details.

When, in a freak skirmish on the catwalk a super model trips, revealing a hidden stash of smuggled diamonds stolen by notorious underworld criminals, everyone clambers to snatch the loot, the public, journos and socialites alike. A game of cat and mouse ensues between the gangsters and the models resulting in mad cap situations and hilarious sub-plots.

The models played by Madhu Sapre, Padma Lakshmi and Katrina Kauff evoke chuckles. Their oblivious assets are on display throughout the film that would distract most viewers from noticing their total lack of any acting talent whatsoever. Javed Jaffrey as the over-the-top Boom boom Shankar gives an excellent farcical performance here prompting one to forgive his exaggerated mannerisms. Seema Biswas as Bharathi is brilliant as always and provides a perfect foil to the three talent-less beauties.

Of the three brothers, Bade, Medium and Chotte, Jackie and Gulshan Grover are pretty effective; Bacchan has blown his chance, again! Zeenat Aman, never known for her acting, is wooden here too but provides some fond memories when she dances to Dum Maro Dum at Bade’s bidding. The one scene with Bo Derek is forgettable to say the least.

Critics have been waling about Bachhhan’s decision to do this film “ What came over him to portray this crass character” they moan. Having never been a big admirer of Bachan’s acting skills in any film after Anand (1970), I think he is lucky to have gotten this chance to redeem himself in this pair of eyes (mine). But alas, he fails, his overacting puts one’s teeth on edge (his drawl” Do I look like I care’ is so wannabe cool!) his Americanisms are downright irritating and out of place. As bade miya, the only scene where he comes out with top honors is when he responds with a stricken look when one of the models mistakes him to be 'Medium' after a glance downwards at his pants.

Produced by Ayesha Shroff of Quest Films, Boom is an action-packed, thrilling ride through the worlds of couture fashion, big money and the seedy underworld of Mumbai and Dubai with hilarious and unexpected consequences.

The soundtrack by Xlantic Music Group features original music by Mercury Award winning artist Talvin Singh, Sandeep Chowta and Rishi Rich amongst others. David Fischer, CEO of Xlantic Music Group, and an Executive Producer of the film is claimed to have said “This is the biggest thing since sliced naan!”

If the film has a hidden agenda, it remains so until the end, the head scratching is likely to go on long after you’ve seen the film! There’s heaps of humor in the loaded degradation and depravity. There are sexual situations, foul language and gratuitous violence in the film.
“ Boom is not a Family film,” screamed a headline in a popular film magazine, adding in its article “this is not a film you can watch with your parents or your children.”

Duh! This is not Disney; sure, don’t watch it with your family! Chances are, you will suffer more damage viewing the likes of K3G (I can’t stop thrashing that weepy!), Koi Mil Gaya or Chalte Chalte!

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