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Jokes : Zimbly Malayalee


These jokes are not intended to offend any sensibilities, if you think you may be offended by the contents, desist from reading/laughing at the jokes

Malayalees love it when the laugh is on them…or do they?


What do you call a


Q :A smart Malayalee?

 A : Debo-nair.

Q :A dynamic Malayalee?:

A : Pheno Menon

Q :  Why did the Malayalee crossed the road?

A : Simbly.

Q :  What do you call a very rich Malayalee?

 A :- MillionIyer.

Q : How does a malayalee spell the word 'MOON' ?

 A : M - O yet another O N.

Q: Why do they require 5 people for a Malayalee funeral?

A :  A : Four to carry the coffin, one to carry the two-in-one.

Q :What do you call a Malayalee drunkard?

A : A : Kutty Sark.

Q : Why did the Malayalee cross the road?

A :  To join the union on the other side.

Q : How does a Malayalee travel in Cochin? –


Q : Where did the malayalee study?

A :  A : In the kollage.

Q : What did the Malayalee do when the plane caught fire?

A : He JEMBED out of the VINDOW...

Q : Why did the Malyalee go to Rome?

A : To hear POPE music..


Q : What would you call a Mallu martial arts expert?
A : A MalayaLEE

Q : Why does a Malayalee go to a temple?
A : Zimply to Bray


How many Malayalees do you need to change a lightbulb?
Infinite number.. One to change the bulb, 20 to form the light bulb workers' union (Marxist), 30 to form the counter union (CPI), 1 to be the Light bulb minister, 1 to head the Light bulb corporation, 45 to be nominated to the light bulb corporation, 60 to go to US,Germany, Switzerland and Hawaii to do import product survey on light bulb, 3 to form the Judicial Enquiry commission on light bulb scandal.... so on.... (BTW, Kerala Marxists anyway believe that you don't have to change light bulbs.. A light bulb has seeds of its own revolution....)

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