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Technology - Ultra High Purity Chemical And Gases

Dr. Ravi Kanjolia

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Ultra high purity electronic chemicals and gases produced by Epichem can be found in many commercial applications such as cellular / mobile phones, traffic lights, CD players, DVDs, satellite dishes, lasers and radar detectors. Our products are also utilized in the development of military items such as night vision goggles, missile guidance systems and high-powered lasers. The table below gives some examples of the typical applications with Epichem precursors as part of the active ingredients.



Epichem UHP Precursors

Wireless Cellular Handset

GaAs ICs and FETs

Trimethylgallium (TMG)

High Brightness LEDs signs and displays

AlInGaP, InGaN, GaN


High-Brightness traffic lights

AlInGaP, InGaN


Automotive applications-CHMSL Brake lights, turn signals, and future head lights, interior automotive lighting

AlGaAs, AlInGaP, InGaN, GaN


Illumination LED, White lighting

InGaN, GaN





High efficiency solar cells for communication satellites

GaAs, AlInGaP, InGaAsN


Optical fiber components

InGaAs, InGaAsP, GaInAsN, InGaAs/AlGaAs, InP


Barrier layers –silicon processors


Titanium amide

High K dielectric material

Al2O3, hafnium oxides, silicates etc

TMA, hafnium amides, and alkoxides

Glass industry, silicon processors

SiO2, silicates, silicon chips

SiH4(silane), dichlorosilane, silicon tetrachloride

Epichem founded by Barry Leese, Managing Director, and Graham Williams, Engineering Director in 1983, has become the global leader in the supply of high purity specialty chemicals and gases for the electronics and pharmaceutical industries. The major products include trimethylaluminum, trimethylgallium, trimethylindium, silane, boron trichloride, and precursors for high k dielectrics & barrier layers. Epichem is a multifunctional company that incorporates customisable product supply, technical support, safety training, asset management, and joint projects for research and development.

Epichem employs an extensive research and development program by partnering with various companies and universities worldwide. These close alliances allow Epichem to improve our products and provide cutting edge technology solutions above and beyond standard product supply.

An expanding worldwide marketplace has led Epichem to take a global view of sales, marketing and production. Epichem originated with sales, production and research facilities located in Bromborough, Merseyside, UK. Customer and market demand influenced Epichem to establish an administrative office in Allentown, Pennsylvania, US, and a manufacturing facility in Haverhill, Massachusetts, US, which together form Epichem Inc.

In February 2000, Epichem acquired Inorgtech Limited (now Epichem Oxides & Nitrides) based in Mildenhall, UK. Epichem Oxides & Nitrides specialises in Oxide and Nitride precursors for barrier layers, high K dielectric, and ferroelectric materials used in the new generation of Silicon semiconductors.

Epichem continues to expand globally, increasing production and customer satisfaction, with the introduction of our newest facility, Epichem Asia, located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Epichem is now established as a major supplier of high purity specialty chemicals and gases worldwide to the electronics and pharmaceutical industries. This success can be attributed to the development of tonnage capacity for all major products, world-class lowest detection limit analytical capabilities, and the most experienced people in the business. Epichem employs state-of-the art automated SS plants and delivery systems for the production of pyrophoric materials. The critical processes are now carried out in clean rooms by Epichem chemists and technicians.

(Dr. Ravi Kanjolia is the Chief Technology Officer for Epichem and is located in Haverhill MA. He moved to the United States in 1982. He holds a Ph.D. in Organometallic chemistry and is author of over 35 publications and patents. He has been with Epichem for 7 years and is responsible for the R&D and technology development. He lives in North Andover MA with his wife Sarita and son Kunal. )

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