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Sumati Ram-Mohan

Natyanjali, an Indian Classical dance performance on Thursday, October 2 and Friday, October 3, featured three styles of classical dance performed by MIT's Natya club. Held at MIT's Little Kresge Auditorium, Natyanjali showcased solo, duet and group pieces in the Bharatha Natyam, Kathak, and Kuchipudi styles. The performance was presented and organized entirely by MIT students and affiliates.

As one member of the audience described, "For a mere $5 you can enjoy a couple of hours of a wonderful celebration of the human form, spirit, and creativity." Every year, Natyanjali draws a crowd from the MIT community, and the Boston- area Indian and dance communities. It is an annual show which MIT Natya first produced in 2001, as a means of sharing the beauty of Indian Classical dance with the MIT community. Natyanjali also provides students who have trained in various Indian Classical dance forms an opportunity to present their talents, and to work with other dancers.

MIT Natya was founded in 1999 as the Bharatha Naatyam Club. In 2001, the club widened its horizons to all Indian Classical dance styles, and changed its name to MIT Natya to reflect its broader representation of dance forms. For many of its members, Natya provides opportunities to maintain and improve dance skills which were learned prior to joining. For others, the club provides opportunities to start learning a new dance form. Since its inception in 1999, MIT Natya's members have choreographed several group dance performances, taught beginner's classes on campus, and hosted professional dance productions.

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