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A Kidney For Jit Saxena

Press Release

My name is Jit, and I am on a mission. In 2014, I learned I had end stage kidney disease. Since then I have undergone daily 50-minute sessions of dialysis four times a day. I will continue to do this every day for the rest of my life unless I can have a kidney transplant.

Unfortunately, I am not alone. Tens of thousands of people in the United States are in need of a new kidney. Not only can a kidney transplant dramatically improve our quality of life, for many it can mean the difference between life and death. On average, 12 people die each day awaiting a lifesaving transplant, the National Kidney Foundation reports.
When I became ill, I instantly joined the vast community of Americans in need of a new kidney. As the founder of two successful companies, my entrepreneurial instincts kicked in, compelling me to spread the word about the magnitude of the kidney crisis. More than 101,000 people are currently awaiting kidney transplants, but in 2014, just 17,105 transplants took place in the U.S.; 11,570 of these were from deceased donors.

A kidney from a live donor is a far better solution. Not only do such kidneys have a higher success rate, they also function nearly twice as long as kidneys from deceased donors. Though relatives of the afflicted still account for most live donations, not every relative is a match as I discovered first-hand when I became ill. But in recent years a growing number of altruistic donors who simply want to do good have come forward to help the afflicted.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve learned that success comes from hard work and a little luck but also from asking for help. And that is what I am doing. I’m hoping that by reading this you might consider becoming a kidney donor and offering a gift of life to me or someone else in need. It is also my hope that with this public request I can encourage others in my situation to seek help in finding a live donor.

On this site, you’ll learn about me, discover how you can become a live donor and find answers to questions you may have about the process. Additionally, you can find out what it’s like to donate a kidney from two donors who share their experiences.

To learn more, go to his website at http://kidney4jit.com/

Lokvani wishes him the very best and prays that he finds a donor.


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