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Film Director Revathy of Mitr, My Friend talks to Lokvani

Chitra Parayath

Addressing folks who had just viewed her film at Bombay Cinema in Arlington, Revathy talked about the ups and downs of film making. The consensus at the theatre was in her favor and most of the people congratulated her, clearly appreciative of the fact that she was there amongst them promoting the film and asking for feedback. Taking the time to think and address every question put to her by the audience, she struck a unique rapport with the people present there, earnest, endearing and full of warm sincerity.

She started off by making a heart felt plea to all movie goers to refrain from renting pirated versions of films, on video and DVD. "For small films like Mitr, it makes all the difference. We cannot afford to have our film on video just yet," she said. "Please tell your friends and family, to see this film in the theater, it will mean so much to us." This plea was then repeated by the owner of Bombay Cinema Mr. Anil Mehrothra who said that the future of the theater was in jeopardy, due to decreased revenues of ticket sales resulting directly from the illegal renting of pirated film videos and DVDs. Mr. Mehrothra added that he, as a fan of good cinema, felt compelled to promote Mitr based on the merit of this film and its talented young director.

I spoke to her after she had answered all the questions and posed for numerous photographs with her fans. Despite her tiredness, having just driven down from NY for the screening, she seemed very enthusiastic about talking to me and others about her film.

Chitra: What has the reaction been so far to Mitr? How are people responding to the film?
Revathy: It has been largely positive. The feedback is very encouraging and reinforces my desire to make more meaningful cinema .

Chitra: How do you feel about the film yourself, are you pleased with the end product?
Revathy: I am, yes. Though I sometimes feel I could've done some things better. I worked 20 hour days during the making of the film and I feel think of it as my child. The shooting itself was completed in 35 days, I worked 20 hours a day every day! I had this product all ready and waiting in my hands and was waiting to show it to the world.

Chitra: In terms of financing and publicity, did you have any one from the film industry backing your efforts?
Revathy: Absolutely not. My husband Suresh (Menon) and I put our lives savings into this film. Shot almost entirely in California, we are doing most of the publicity ourselves. Actually, he is in CA now doing the same thing that I am.( Smiles)

Chitra: This is the first Indian completed by a crew comprised entirely of women. Any comments?
Revathy: I am asked this question by everyone. It was not planned, it happened that my scriptwriter and cinematographers were women. The screenplay is by Sudha and Priya. Fowzia is the cinematographer who was earlier an assistant to the noted cinematographer P.C. Sriram. Bhavatharini, the daughter of music director Ilayaraja is the music Director. Prabha and Usha of Daffodils, doubled up as the sound recordist and manager of props and set design and designed the costumes. Bina edited the film while Thamarai is the lrycist. Part of the American crew too was female - Jolynn (Wardrobe), Kris (Craft Services) and Rhonda (Lights).

Chitra: Did you ever think of doing the role of Laksmi (played in the film by Shobhana) yourself?
Revathy: (Smiles) If I wasn't directing the film I would've loved to do the role. This is my maiden directorial venture and I wanted to give it all I have.

Chitra: Why this story, did you have any message you wanted to convey?
Revathy: The message would be whatever you want it to be. I tried to say that relationships are so important in life. Communication and the realization that your family is your best friend are some things I learned and wanted to pass on. This film is is about family, feelings, friends and how ordinary people can come home to friendship.

Chitra: What about your acting career?
Revathy: I don't want do the kind of roles where I have to wear skimpy outfits and cavort around. If something meaningful and exciting comes along I would take it up.

When we leave Revathy, she is surrounded by fans waiting to discuss her thought-provoking film.

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