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Young Professionals: Year In Review - Part II


Young Professional - Divya Aggarwal
Divya Aggarwal is a Licensed Registered Dietitian Nutritionist based in Massachusetts. She talked to Lokvani about why chose to become a dietitian. She shares secrets of a health diet.

Young Professional - Karishma Brinda Desai
You learn a lot more when you have friends from other ethnic communities, and I’ve actually found many similarities between myself and my non-Indian friends. I heard this quote on a commercial which sums it up: “Own what you are, but respect what you aren’t” says Karsihma, a journalist transitioning into broadcast journalism.

Young Professional - Manasi Singhal
Even now that I have decided to become a teacher, I see it is as another step along the journey and I will always be open to new experiences. I see education as a field with a lot of potential for innovation and growth and hope to be part of the transformation.- Manasi Singhal.

Young Professional - Ashima Duggal, Filmaker
I believe in giving voice to previously unheard narratives and change-makers who disrupt our understanding of the status quo. I am particularly interested in the intersection of film and media as a vehicle to influence human rights-based policy and development." - Ashima Duggal, Independant film maker.

Young Professional - Nimit Nathwani
I consider building meaningful professional relationships in my career to be my greatest professional accomplishment. I focus on building quality relationships within and outside my firm. It has also been my way of learning from others - Nimit Nathwani.

Young Professional - Viveka Devadas
Viveka Devadas is an International Associate Architect and an Independent Consultant offering Creative Design services in the New England area. She is also an active volunteer for several non-profit organizations across New England and India.

Vyas Sai - Inspiring Youth Towards Charity- Sai Walakathon - Walking For Street Kids
When Vyas Sai Balabhadrapatruni, a junior at Westford Academy, started thinking of raising funds for the Rainbow Foundation in India, he never in his wildest dreams thought he could reach so many people and make such a difference.

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