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NESSP – Kids Academic Competitions 2015

Press Release

NESSP – Kids Academic Competitions-2015

Children are the vehicles for change and progress. They are the ones who will be carrying forward all our values and the morals. There is no need to stress the importance of providing the right environment to foster their talents and potential. And there is also a need to do so in a healthy set up where they appreciate the process of learning and participating as opposed to just winning a competition.

They have to be taught to appreciate and respect the opposition or the fellow competitors while striving to ace the contest. Sportsmanship is a quality which will take them a long way ahead in their lives and the lessons to inculcate that spirit has to start at an young age!

NESSP too believes the same and hence annually conducts competitions for kids pertaining to academics. They shall be divided to groups according to their age giving them a fair chance to enjoy and win the competition. Spread over a weekend, the competition includes

- Essay Writing
- Vocabulary Bee
- Geography Bee and
- Chess (Adults & Kids)

We encourage participation so the kids get together over the weekend and have a fun time participating, learning and hopefully winning! The dates for competitions are Dec 5th, 18th and 19th.

Parents/Adults can find relevant details on the website and the Facebook page and plan ahead to get their kids registered for the competitions. Also, you can talk to any of our volunteers in the temple at the help desk for more information.

Register here:


For Syllabus:  http://www.nessp.org/page/menu_0/16252.html

Remember, it is not the winning that counts. It is what the kids take away from the participation!

See you all at the games :)

Jai Sai Ram!

For More details of temple services Please Visit:

Email: maildrop@nessp.org
Phone: 978-528-1985

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