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Laugh A While


Santa's e-banking password was:

Banta: Yaar! Itna lamba password?
Santa: Kya karoon. Bank wale kehte hai ki password main 5 character, 1 capital aur ek special character zaroori hai..


As the festive season is coming along here is something to lighten up as we load all the good food

1.If you eat something and no one saw it it has no calories.

2.When you eat with someone else, the calories dont count if they ate more.

3.Tasting someone's else food doesnt count.

4.If people around us gain weight we automatically become thinner.

5.If your movie ticket comes with a free tub of popcorn, it doesnt count as good

6. Every food you split into smaller pieces will contain less calories.

7.Tasting food while preparing it is essential and therefore - healthy.

8. Foods with similar colors contain the same amount of calories. This is why it is fine to eat pistachio icecream instead of spinach

9.Chocolate had a dedicated area in the stomach which is why you should have it with every meal.

10.Frozen foods such as icecream contain no calories. The reason is that a calorie is a measurement of heat units


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