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K.V. Singh - The Hottest Bhangra Artist

Rohit Bambi

Kay V Singh is one of the hottest US based Bhangra artists in the world and his stardom is growing month over month!

1) How long have you been involved in Bhangra and the music industry?
 I have actually been passionate about bhangra most of my life and have been participating in bhangra events and competitions since my early teenage years. But it wasn’t until I started attending Michigan State University that I got involved in it professionally. I joined the MSU bhangra team and we competed across the nation. But about a year into it, my teammates found out I could sing. At the time I had very little practice, but a decent voice. And they asked me to sing for them during their live segments. From that point on, it’s all I did at competitions is sang as we competed around the nation. Then the following year, I sang for team PDDS bhangra. And before I knew it was becoming more passionate about singing and music than anything else. It was at this point I finally made the leap in pursuing singing professionally.
2) What are your goals as a singer?
Well my goals as a singer are actually intertwined with my goals as a songwriter and music producer considering I am very involved with those two aspects as well in a lot of my music. Initially I just want to learn as much as I can to perfect my craft and in turn bringing out the artist that I truly want to be known as worldwide, all while understanding and learning how to bring people the music they want to hear from me most rather than just releasing any music I feel like.
3) What do you believe has triggered your fame?
Personally I’ve never looked at fame as a line or a point that I have crossed by which I became famous all of a sudden. As long as the consistency and hard work is there, you will always keep growing and gain popularity as more people appreciate your work. And it is the combined effort of years and years of my work and songs I have release that have brought me where I am. So I don’t think I could pin point to one particular thing that triggered it all.
4) What is your favorite Bhangra song and why?
If we’re strictly talking bhangra, I would have to say Mitran Da Naa Chalda by Harjeet Harman. Something about this song that just hypes me up. Would be hard to justify why, there are just those songs that get you and become one of your all time favorites without you realizing it. And this is definitely one of them for me.
5) What's next for Kay V Singh?
Yes my next song “Laung Gawacha” is planned for release at the end of November. It is something very different from my previous songs. I will be dropping an exclusive sneak peak at Boston Bhangra during my performance. Along with that I have some collaborations releasing early 2016 as well as working on my album potentially releasing mid 2016.
6) What can we expect from Kay V Singh at the Boston Bhangra Competition?
 Well bhangra competitions are different than most shows in the sense that there is a very big range of audience. I would like to cater a little bit to everyone including the adults that are every experienced in Punjabi culture, then the average parents who have come to see their kids perform, as well as cater to all the youth that will be there. So I have a mix of everything planned. But overall, just looking forward to putting on a good show for everyone and enjoying the opportunity to be able to perform as a singer, at a competition I once attended as a dancer. I am thank full for the opportunity to do that and looking very forward to it!


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