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Meet Shri Bhagwat Rushi Shastri

Ranjani Saigal

Bhagwat Rushi Shastri, the grandson of Shri Krishna Shankar Shastri gave a riveting presentation on Srimad Bhagavatam at the Satsang Center in Wonburn, MA. At the young age of thirty, Bhagwat Rushi has already being a spiritual master providing guidance to people. In a interview with Lokvani, Bhagwat Rushi talks about his life and provides guidance to live a righteous life. He is fluent in several languages and he hails from Sola in Gujarat.

Lokvani: Namasthe Swamiji. It is a great pleasure to meet you. In this materialistic Kaliyug, how did a young man like you decide to choose a spiritual path?

Bhagwatji:My “Dadaji”, Shri Krishna Shankar Shastri was a great influence in my life. I have found myself into “It” only. Contentment comes from “It”.

Lokvani: What is this “It”?

Bhagwatji: “It” is Shrimad Bhagwatji. Everything is in it. People who read it will get what they need (different from what they want) which is clarity of thoughts, purity of hearts and unity of soul – a oneness with the whole universe. Philosophical it can be considered as Shuddha Advaita – unconditional surrender to your Ultimate which for me is Krishna.

Lokvani: Can this philosophy be translated into day to day life in the current materialistic world? Can you give us ways to do this?

Bhagwatji: I think this is the only simple and practical way there is. It clarifies your reason, gives you focus, improves your attitude and presents you with the right approach. In simple terms all you need to do is dedicate your every action to God. The action can be simple like walking or taking a bath or more complex like a big project. All that you do is for Him alone. Everything should be Krishna Seva.

Lokvani: What about Manav Seva – serving your fellow human beings? How do you split your time between serving just yourself and your family and charity work?

Bhagwatji: If you do everything as Krishna Seva with a feeling of Dasoaham (I am His servant) answers to these questions will automatically be presented to you. You will not be confused about it. As I said everything you do is Krishna Seva, be it taking care of yourself or the world. If you do everything with the right attitude the distinction between right and wrong will be clear to you.

Lokvani: What suggestion do you give children who are growing up in this country?

Bhagwatji: My suggestion is the same to all children. Believe in all Gods but follow only one. Spare three minutes every hour for your God. Respect your parents. Never raise your voice against parents or elders. Never argue with elders Respect and love all without any discrimination. If you miss love you miss life. Don’t miss it.

But by the same token I have advice for the parents as well. Children never learn from teaching. They learn from modeling. We have to become what we want our children to be. Never talk at your children, talk with them. There is a big difference.

Lokvani: What are some suggestions for those who are looking for guidance for prayer?

Bhagwatji: “Jap”(chanting), “Tap”(penance) , “Yagna”(offering prayer) and “Satsang”(come together in good company) are ways to attain God. The times of “Sandya” dawn, midday and evening are particular good times. You are fortunate to have this Satsang center. Coming together will help elevate you. While “Mantras” or chants should be obtained from a Guru, the Mahamantra “Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya” may be used for Jap by anyone. But the ultimate prayer is Love! Just love everyone!

Lokvani: Do you have a message for our readers?

Bhagwatji: Whatever comes let it come, Whatever goes let it go, Love everyone especially all those who hate you. Pyar – kisi ko apna banana nahin hain, pyar ka matlab hai kissi ka ban jana (love does not mean making someone yours it means becoming a part of someone). That is the secret of a peaceful life.

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