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The Konark Sun Temple And Little Dharmapada

Ankan Dhal

In the heart of Orissa,
Lies the Konark Sun Temple,
The greatest architectural achievement,
Brilliantly adorned,
Architecturally amazing,
Yet, it’s not just a temple,
But as if an architect’s last wonderful chapter of a long journey,
As the legend goes
A little boy named Dharmapada,
Had finally made it possible,
He sacrificed his life to save twelve hundred lives
The Oriyas are just as proud of Dharmapada,
As they are of their grandest art- epic.
The boy had a noble heart,
Like Konark itself.
Shaped like the Sun god’s chariot,
With seven horses and,
Twenty four wheels,
The sun shines its first ray on it every morning.
It is surprising that the chariot cannot be used as a real one.
And Konark’s carvings,
Are detailed to the point of a pin,
Proclaiming correct architectural superiority,
To create this great monument,
It took no less than twelve hundred of the best architects,
And sixteen long years,
But it was worthwhile,
For Konark is one of the most precious jewels of India.
For young children Konark is not a playground
But a constant reminder
Even a child can make a difference,
To the human civilization.
Being a tribute to the Sun god probably,
Explains the temperature there,
Konark is truly a great place,
A world-class wonder
Created by our own Oriya ancestors,
But today it is ruined and broken,
And stands as a bereavement,
to Orissa’s past glory and achievement.

(Ankan Dhal is 12 years old and is a 7th grader in Westford Middle School, Massachusetts. Writing poems is one of his passions and some of his poems have been published in “The Teachers’ Selection Anthology of Poetry”. )

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