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'Naughty at Forty' Tickets Sold Out !

Chitra Parayath

‘Naughty at Forty’ the much anticipated play featuring none other than the charming and talented Mr. Paresh Rawal will be staged at theJohn Hancock Hall at Boston on September 12. The show which is being brought to us by Chandu and Eshani Shah has been sold out, we are informed.

Chandu and Eshani Shah are committed to bringing quality shows to the area and this time, the play has generated a tremendous amount of buzz among the people of New England.

Eshani Shah also reminds all interested to call her and leave their contact information so that they can be notified if there are any cancellation of tickets.

For die hard fans of Paresh Rawal and his plays, there is no reason to lose heart, he will be here again, maybe in the spring of 2004!

And if you missed the show this time, you can read the review of the play right here on lokvani.com!

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