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Recipes - Yogic Diet

Sheena Patel


Says Sheena Patel, "I have a lot of interests, but my nearest and dearest will tell you that I have a love for cooking. Not just cooking, but learning about different ingredients across the globe, their significance, history, how it’s cultivated so on and so forth. So the other day I was in Patel Brother’s (one of my favorite grocery stores) picking up some Sweet Tamarind. I came home and started munching away and was left with a bunch of seeds. I asked my mom if there is something that I could do with these, she said in Africa we used to cook these and eat them. So I followed suit and what came to be was delicious! 

1 cup tamarind seeds, rinsed
1 lime
1/4 tsp Himalayan salt 

Dry-roast the tamarind seeds in the sun until they become darker in color. In the month of August it should take about 3 hours. Using a mortar and pestal, gently crush the seeds until the covering cracks. Peel off any skin from the seed and disgard. Lightly season with Himalayan salt, squeeze lime and enjoy! Be careful when you bite into it as it’s quite tough. 

Cures diarrhea
Lubricants joints to prevent or sooth arthritis 
Good to strengthen gums
Removes deep stains from teeth 
Boosts immunity 
Contains high levels of potassium to lower high blood pressure 

Savsani has created recipes to promote a yogic diet for ultimate health and well-being. Each dish is based on the three pillars of Savsani mind, body and food. For a peaceful mind we use the principal of ahisma, ‘non-violence towards all living things,’ for a pure body we use the principal of prana (life force) consuming that only to sustain our body and keep health and vitality, for a powerful digestive system we use the principal of Ayurvedic nutrition to combine the right ingredients together, consumed at the right time, for the right person creating perfect nutrition that can be absorbed into each and every cell. 

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