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ICC Places Essentials For USACA’s Return

Rajat Bhatnagar

The ICC has laid down the conditions that the United States of America Cricket Association must meet if it wants its suspension lifted. In a letter sent to Gladstone Dainty, the USACA president, the ICC makes no bones about its determination to fix matters. To get that suspension lifted USACA will have to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the ICC Board that the matters raised within the [Review Group] Report have been satisfactorily clarified, addressed. USACA has until October to show that it is serious about change, and must report its progress at the ICC’s Board meeting that month, where the task force the governing body set-up to help USACA will also be asked to comment.

USACA had its membership suspended by the game’s governing body last month because of the ICC’s “significant concerns about the governance, finance, reputation and cricketing activities of USACA. The most immediate deadline USACA faces is October 1, by which time it must have an ICC-approved constitution in place, which must be then ratified by USACA members by February 1, 2016. A new board must also be elected by June of next year, which means that Dainty’s position is once again under threat. That election has to take place under the terms of the new constitution, and will be run under the supervision of the ICC’s legal department.

In terms of its financial commitments, the ICC has told USACA that it must: provide a five-year business plan that shows how it can repay the $2.6m loan to Neil Maxwell and Rajiv Prodar; pay the $. 12m it owes elsewhere; and provide all bank statements from January 1, 2013 to the present day.

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