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Lokvani Talks To .......A Flashback To Our Pages, An Independance Day Special

Lokvani Team

1.Opening the batting in fast bowling was very difficult. The fields and the crowds. It wasn’t easy. The determination factor is very important. I remember the words of my captain in the club days who said. “Give the first hour to the bowlers because the next five hours will be yours”. It was a very sensible suggestion...More
Sunil Gavaskar, Cricket Legend

2.Bollywood, Hollywood, I think it’s all the same. I lived life the way I wanted to, there are rumors everywhere. The eighties in Bollywood (shudders) were terrible, thank god for the nineties! Being public figures, we have to have our share of flak from the press and public...More
Manisha Koirala, Bollywood Actor

3.I have no particular reader in my mind but a passionate desire to tell an honest, moving story. If it is good literature, I know as all sensitive writers know, the reader and the writer will connect. It is inevitable...More
Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, Writer

4.Modeling was good money for a college kid! I did most of it while in college …in the theater you start off serving cups of tea and polishing shoes, not making any money! Modeling was a great way to compensate for that...More
Tara Deshpande, Actor

5.The reason I chose this profession is because everyday is different. I look at others and wonder. What do they find in that? Here is a chance that allows me to meet interesting people, write about them, find myself in new and varied situations, and gives me access to high level events. So why would I go anywhere else?...More
Anand Vaishnav, Reporter, Boston Globe

6.The shame and humiliation and the stigma attached to these crimes are deterrents to the actual data because many of these are hushed up by families ...More
Nandita Das, Actor commenting on the Status of Women in Indian Society

7.What is music? It is a conversation you are having, an interaction that you are initiating with whoever you are musicking with if you can use such a word. When I meet Ali Akbar Khan, I go for a walk with him, we are walking this road and going on a street called Teen Tal and along the way we find a restaurant called Raag Darbari and enter in to sample the wares. When we sit down too we are interacting. It is a journey that we are embarking and it will lead to something. It is a process, Never a preconceived idea...More
Zakir Hussain, Tabla Maestro

8.Please continue to support my music, I am here, I am Udit because of the love and support off my fans. I want to thank you all for loving my music ...More
Udit Narayan, Playback Singer

9.The real satisfaction comes when people approach you without any knowledge of the mortgage process. I tell them, go find your house and when it comes to mortgage we will hold your hand and take care of things for you...More
Sushil Tulli, Banker

10.I do agree that there is a lack of challenging and meaningful roles for mature actresses. We have to change that! Maybe it is because men are at the helm of things there. May be we should get together, all of us mature actresses and figure out a way to beat this trend. I liked Dimple’s role in Leela but how many of those do you see nowadays?...More
Zeenat Aman, Actor

11.Tanuja: Of course in part the book is to pay homage to desi culture, and to all the ABDs of the world. But BORN CONFUSED is equally for all the Gwyns of the world. ABD culture has not developed in a vacuum, after all—it’s all about the dynamic and the context...More
Tanuja Desai Hidier, Novelist

12.Dr. Deepak Chopra : Religions are based on the experience of process and fears, it is based in ignorance. Spirituality is the domain of awareness, for every experience is of a universal nature and therefore of truth...More
Dr. Deepak Chopra, New Age Guru

13.One of the reasons I wrote the two novels in this medium of fiction was because there isn’t much historical fiction available from the Mughal era, and because I think that history is better learned through this medium, where an entire life can be created in a story—the sights, sounds, aromas, the intimate details of life, the very sense of the people behind the dates of battles and years of reigns that most history textbooks tend of focus upon...More
Indu Sundaresan, Writer

14.The Indian American community is an enormous source of innovation and technology in our economy. Individuals like Desh Deshpande have contributed tremendously, both as an entrepreneur and a brilliant technologist who understands how markets and products work...More
Gov. Romney

15.I think the most important aspect for understanding a musical form is that you need to have a feel for the culture that it comes from. You must understand its roots. You must also associate with the great musicians in that genre of music...More
Prasanna, Guitar Maestro

16.Aparna: It was so easy to direct Konkona, she was Meenakshi when we made the film! It was interesting for me to watch her become the character.
Konkona: I spent 10 days in Chennai meeting lots of Iyers, to discover Meenakshi. I went to the Mylapore temple; I taped people speaking in Tamil so I could pick up the accent. It was hard work...More
Aparna and Konkona Sen, Director and Actor

17.My Riyaaz at times goes on for 6 hours straight. Now with age,it has definitely reduced. I do sing in Punjabi but Urdu is my repertoire...More
Ghulam Ali, Ghazal Singer

18.I also decided to teach free of charge, every adopted child who enrolled in Triveni. Their Arangetrams are also arranged and paid for by Triveni. I respect and honor the men and women who have gone to India and Bangladesh and other underdeveloped countries and adopted these beautiful children...More
Neena Gulati, Dance Teacher

19.I don't want do the kind of roles where I have to wear skimpy outfits and cavort around. If something meaningful and exciting comes along I would take it up...More
Revathi, Film Actor

20.Success to me is simply defined by the respect one earns in society. Do my clients see me as a businesswoman who delivers on her promises? Do my children love me and think of me as a caring mom? Am I seen as human being who helps a person in need by the society? I hope by these definitions I am successful...More
Neelam Wali, Printing and Graphics

21.I think it is very bright. As long as it is made easy to understand, people will want to learn it. This is the biggest treasure of Hindi. If you ask me, you should learn as many languages as you can. It strengthens the language. ...More
Shivani Gaura Pant, Prolific writer of Hindi fiction

22.Do whatever you are interested in , expose yourself to a lot of activities early on and focus on the things that you love. One can really go very far this way. Hard work is the mantra...More
Vikas Goela, Student at Harvard

23.I would like to emphatically state that the highest quality of knowledge and research is critical for many applications that may be considered as “simple” applications to help say villagers in rural area. Such applications require higher rather than lower level of research...More
Dr Shivaram, NCL Director

24.They are happy that they are the lucky few who can wake up in the morning and think, "I'm going to do what I love to do". "I have the opportunity to solve problems to make things happen." Getting into trouble is what the game is all about! You can play it safe but what's the fun in that?...More
Desh Deshpande, Entrepreneur

25.“I am heartened by the interest the new generation is taking in the day to day running of the country and the bold political initiatives by youngsters is a welcome sign of enlightenment and education.” How about support from the Indian-American community? “The support has been amazing, they are reaching out and encouraging me! I think it is great that this community is coming ahead to support a fellow....More
Ramesh Advani, Selectman, Norfolk

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