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Happy Birthday, Lokvani

Lokvani Team

Happy 56th Birthday India !
Happy 2nd Birthday Lokvani !

As we blow out the two candles on our birthday cake today, we make the same wish that we make every year – that Lokvani be the best, the brightest of them all!

This year, even though we proudly announce the milestones we have reached, we will not rest on our laurels. Instead, we have decided to turn to you, our readers, for suggestions and feedback. How can we make Lokvani better? What would you like to see reflected in our pages? How can lokvani help the India American Community in New England?
Click here to give us your valuable feedback

Join the Lokvani family, move into our abode! The larger the family, the more fun we’ll all have. Join our mailing list, sponsor a section of lokvani, advertise with us, write for us, help spread the word about us…there are a million ways for you to get involved. Drop us a line at info@lokvani.com and talk to us!

Every one who joins our family gets a free air ticket to Hawaii. We’re kidding, of course, but if we did have our way, we’d send each one of our readers to Hawaii or India or Timbuctoo…we’ll do the next best thing though. We’ll bring those exciting destinations to you - through our pages.

We’ll also give out exciting prizes to folks who visit our booth at the IAGB India Function and win our raffle. We hope to meet, greet and get to know each and every one of our readers at the Lokvani booth.

Here, have a virtual slice of our virtual Birthday Cake and enjoy!

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