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Shri Sai Chavadi Temple Celebrates Mahashivratri

Press Release

Shri Sai Chavadi temple celebrated  Mahashivaratri on Tuesday Feb. 17, 2015 in Canton, MA. Numerous devotees participated in the event in spite of poor weather conditions.

Mahashivaratri is one of the most important Hindu festivals. It  is celebrated on the fourteenth day of the dark fortnight (Krishna Paksha) of Magha month. (The religious events that take place for Lord Siva every month on this day is called Masa Shivaratri). As is evident from the name, this festival is celebrated to honor Lord Siva. One legend says that Lord Siva married Goddess Parvati on this auspicious day. It is also said that this is the night when Lord Siva performed the Tandava dance of primordial creation, preservation and dissolution.

Mahashivaratri being a moonless night, people worship the God who has the crescent moon as an adornment in his head, The Siva. Part of Mahashivaratri celebrations include fasting and chanting bhajans in honor of Lord Siva. He who utters the names of Siva during Sivaratri with perfect devotion and concentration is freed from all sins.

During Mahashivaratri, Chavadi Temple is open all day till midnight. The day started with Kakad aarti at 8:30 AM, followed my Baba Mangal Snanam, Alankaram and Jaldhara for Siva. Archana & Laghu Arati was performed at 11 AM. Numerous devotees received the blessings of Lord Siva  on this auspicious day The evening program started by Mahanyasam chanting at 5:30 PM, Siva Parvathi Kalyanam was performed at 6 PM. It was a true bliss to witness the divine wedding event on this day.  In the late evening devotees chanted rudram and performed abhishekam for lord Siva.

On this occasion Shri Sai Baba was dressed in Lord Siva’s attire with Jata (matted hair), crescent of the moon, the Nakshatra and the tiger skin.

Famous musician Mr. Mohanji’s and his daughters Vineeta S. Prasad and Karuna Bhatia along with his grandkids sang melodious bhajans at the temple on this day. It was a true delight to see the families three generations rendering bhajans together.

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