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Jain Social Group Celebrates Family Fun Evening

Press Release

Jain Social Group (http://www.jainsocial.org/), A social platform for Jains and their non-Jain Friends hosted Family Fun Evening on Feb 7th in Burlington, MA.

This was 2nd straight year where JSG hosted the family fun evening for members of all age groups from infants to grandparents. In a full house event, members enjoyed many different games including Carom, Dart, Chess, Fuss ball, Dancing with ‘Just Dance’ on Xbox, Musical Chairs, Couples Games, Group Games, Karaoke. Of course no event is complete without good food and this event was no exception. 

JSG puts special emphasize on bringing generations together to preserve and pass on our values. This was showcased again at this event where toddlers to grandparents were seen enjoying and playing various games.

The program was attended by both Jain & Non-Jain Friends enjoying and expressing their views on why they Love JSG and feel home with JSG. Snapshots of the event can be seen at JSG’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/JainSocialGroup

JSG has seen tremendous growth and response from both Jain & Non-Jain friends to their events and activities in their third young year as community organization.

When asked about vision, Parind Shah the Founding President of JSG said as of last year, in last 25 years population of Jain in North America has increased steadily. With the population growth there are two primary needs, socio-economical, and spiritual. Jains have created many Jain centers across North America and there is a good monument on the most important spiritual front. For non-jain immigrant and indigenous communities their place of worship is often the place of social, economic, and political activities. However Jains are unique in this regard because our stricter spiritual guidelines teach us to use our place of worship, the Derasar, for spiritual purposes only. And we strongly believe in those teachings. This situation creates a need for a separate organization and platform to support social activities.

Jain Social Group was created to provide a social platform for all Jains & their friends. To preserve and promote our values, cultures and traditions. To build strong bond between generations. To enable exchange of ideas, expertise, and experience between members. To build bridges between members of various background and geographic locations.

Parind also emphasized on building strong bridges between generations of immigrant communities to preserve and pass on their values and culture to the next generations born and raised here in completely different environment.

In his welcome address to the gathering, he asked every listening year in and outside the hall, ‘How much would you pay to ensure your values & culture passed on to your grand kids and their grand kids?”.

Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy the event and making new friends asking for “please arrange more events like this”!

For more pictures & video of the event please visit:


JSG Web Page  www.JainSocial.org

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