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July 27 is National Parents day. Here are two poems dedicated to Dad and Mom written by Mr. and Mrs. Ayyar.


    Written by - Dr. R. Subrahmonia Ayyar

While people call their countries as motherlands
Germans call their country as fatherland,
Fondly nourishing the dignity and glory
The country has given them in past and at present

Affection is the hallmark of dear caring mother
Discipline is the distinctive stand of the father
While mother walks with her child to attend to its needs
Father walks clearing the track for its future

Mother's love gives the much needed growth
Which father moulds and chisels to shape as a person
Helping and guiding to gain true knowledge
And skills that help to rise in the future.

Forgiveness, tolerance are the traits of the mother
Direction and discipline are the qualities of the father
Demeanor, values, character and knowledge
Are the gains of the training of a devoted father

God is in our faith ,teacher in our respect
Mother in our memory of her affection and care
The father is remembered for our identity in life
What we have learned and what we have done.

From darkness to light to choose out the right
Father does guide to keep the track straight
His pride is to see that his child does grow
To be in the forefront as the elitist of all.

With dedication and respect we look to our father
With heart so full and words very few
Our lips do murmur a soft spoken prayer
Lead us O ! light for ever in the future.


    Written by - Mrs. Parvathy Ayyar

Oh! Ma! You are certainly a miracle,
With a big heart to hold us all.
You work as if you possess multiple hands
You look as if you are never tired.

If we have aches you soothe them,
If we have tears you wipe them,
If we have joys you multiply them,
If we have sorrows you divide them.

The day dawns for us with your smile,
The day runs for us with your care,
The day ends for us with your caress,
Making everyday a mother's day.

We don't know our hunger, you sense it.
We don't know our needs, you fulfill them,
We don't feel our wants, you fulfill them,
Oh! Ma! What will we do without you?

God, our Father dear! How can we thank you?
For bestowing on us such a wonderful gift.
It is no doubt your greatest creation
That is why perhaps it is so divine.

(Dr. R. Subrahmonia Ayyar is the former Dean of the Indian Institute of technology, Mumbai India. Mrs. Parvathy Ayyar teaches english at Somaiyya College in Mumbai, India. )

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