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Ekal Invites Entries For Writing And Poetry Contest

Nandini Seetharaman

Ekal Vidyalya, is a non-profit organization whose main purpose is to educate children in rural villages in India and eradicate illiteracy. With the money they raise, they create one teacher schools, called Ekal Vidyalyas, in remote areas to teach hundreds of thousands of kids who otherwise don’t have these basic requirements. Their "Ekal Vidyalyas" or schools, educate and empower village communities by helping the people develop economically and medically. Their cause is truly noble.

Ekal (New England chapter) will be launching their first writing competition to raise money for the cause. This competition will be fully online - registration and submission.

The writing competition consists of 2 categories: poetry and essay writing.

The Poetry Contest will be held for the following categories:

    Nature theme
    Acrostic (EKAL Vidyalaya)

The Writing Contest will be held for different age groups:

    Essay (Age: 7-10): How would you help children in developing countries?
    Essay (Age: 11-14): How can a charity like Ekal improve an individual and a community's lives?
    Essay (Age: 15-18): Which is the most important aspect for a developing country to focus on in your opinion: education, economy, or health care? Why?

Winners will be reading their poetry/essay before an audience at Tufts University, Medford, MA. They will also have their poetry/essay published in a pdf anthology online that will be available for purchase after the competition is over.

Link to Ekal:

You can register for the competition online—here is the link to Registration:

Please contact boston.ekal@gmail.com for further information and to submit pieces.

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