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Mediator Offers Divorce Mediation And Conflict Resolution

Dr. Shuneet Thomson

Interpeople Inc. is a mediation company founded by Dr. Shuneet Thomson in 1996.  It offers mediation of family and workplace disputes and primarily offers divorce mediation services for divorcing couples.  Interpeople has two convenient locations in Littleton and Arlington, Massachusetts.  Check it out at www.interpeople-inc.com.

Dr. Thomson has been a mediator since 1988 and has mediated over 1,000
cases, including over 700 divorce cases.  She has mediated a few divorce cases in the Indian community as well, of which one case went on a different track, but all others completed the process with her and went through the court without a problem, as uncontested divorces.

If anyone you know faces a divorce, or is struggling through the process with attorneys, it will be an act of friendship to refer them to mediation.

Why mediation?   It costs a fraction of the traditional litigation process, ends
quicker and spares the parties a lot of grief.  People who come to Dr. Thomson after starting the process with attorneys, state that the biggest difference is their active participation in the process, the feeling that they “know what is going on” and have control of the outcomes.

In mediation parties make their own decisions.  In divorce these are not trivial decisions:  they are about them and their children, their future and their finances; who else should make these decisions?  The mediator informs and guides and helps them resolve their disagreements and come up with solutions that work best for them and the children, in their circumstances.

In mediation parties save thousands of dollars compared to going the traditional litigation way.  It is the best way to deal with conflict when the relationship has to continue at the end of the process, such as co-parenting, or co-working if the conflict is between employees.

Dr. Thomson can be reached at 800.336.0956.

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