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Celestial Dance Ballet In Support Of The 5H Program

Chitra Parayath

A feast for your eyes, a real treat for the connoisseur, an enriching experience for the discerning classicist among you, Celestial Ballet will enrich all who attend the event in more ways than one. The International Association for Human values (IAHV) sponsors and presents Celestial Ballet at the Winchester High School on Friday, July 25. IAHV and Art of Living Foundation, through its 5H Program, aims to assist in eradicating misery and in transforming society. Since 2000, IAHV has been sponsoring the "5H Human Values Excellence concert series" featuring world famous artists.

Celestial Ballet features Rashme Hegde Gopi, who epitomizes the creative sensibility of a true artist and is a cultural ambassador for India who is said to display mastery over symbols and images of the soul. Life and art meet in her to make dance possible .Her rich repertoire is a tapestry of various styles - Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Mohiniattam,etc. Imbibed with a refined interpretative ability, the keenness of her perception keeps her distinctive artistry both alive and constantly innovative. She has been bestowed with the most prestigious Karnataka Rajyotsava Award for the Life Time Achievement in the year 2002.

The 5H program is making a difference to this world through service and spirituality. The aim of this program is to uplift individuals and communities so that they become self-reliant: socially & economically.

The main area of focus at the 5H Program are Home, Health, Hygiene, Human Values and Harmony in Diversity.It is a unique and effective social upliftment project that is helping people better their own lives. Addressing day-to-day material needs – potable water, solid homes, nutrition, education – it places keen emphasis on human values so that people assume responsibility for their life, their community, and their environment. 5H Projects are under way in many villages and cities across India and several other parts of the world.

Some Achievements under the 5H Program:
· 15,000 villages adopted in 21 states in India
· 20, 000 youth trained in Leadership program
· 25,000 awareness camps organized benefiting more than 2 million people
· 3000 medical camps organized
. 50 model villages developed & 500 homes built
· Planted more than 8,00,000 trees

Attend the event, enjoy this enriching program and support a worthy cause! For more information, please visit www.5H.org

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