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Audition Now For Hindi Manch Sa Re Ga Ma Pa!!!!

Rohini Pola

Your stage debut awaits you. It is your chance to hone your auditioning skills in front of New England. It's a terrific opportunity and you ought not to miss it.

It’s the event where you’ll meet talented singers and musicians like yourselves from the area. You share, you learn and you build bonds with like-minded people! It is really more than just the event, it’s the build up to the event, the auditions, the preparations, the many meetings and interactions that give you all these shared moments. You will experience a variety of styles and voices and musical interests that are sure to boost your creative spirits, but most importantly you will build bonds. Bonds and memorable moments with people of similar interests who you are surely going to meet in the future in many a local event. After getting involved in an event like this, you’ll never be a stranger in any Indian cultural event in town, every event in town will become yours. With all ages of people participating, there is such a diverse and rich variety to witness. You might even find that mentor, that friend that boosts your motivation to learn and excel in your passion, in music and singing.

You will meet accomplished singers, musicians and teachers, and of course none other than Shree Suresh Wadkar, the famous playback singer, mentor and Musical guru. A chance to be singing on stage with Suresh Wadkar Ji. Let me repeat that and 'YES', the winner gets a chance to sing with The Suresh Wadkar!! It is not every day that one gets the opportunity to sing with a playback singer, and not every playback singer is a musical great. This will be a moment to savor, to cherish, a chance to share a favorite song with the Bollywood celebrity Suresh Wadkar ji. Sureshji's  musical talent and versatility are boundless and the many accomplishments in the area of musical arts are countless. It’s an honor for us to have him here, an honor for our participants to share the stage with him. A learning experience and interaction that will generate those gems of advice, of sharing, of wisdom from him that might just alter the musical journeys of many for the better.

It is the perfect stage to establish yourself locally. The winners and participants who have  given an impactful performance in previous years are now well-known and established singers and musicians of Boston! If you’ve been to Cultural events in the area, you have to know Sachi Badola, Sowmya Shree, Narendra Pyasi, Valentino Almeida, Shirish Nimgaonkar, to name just a few.

What better way to preserve and promote our language and culture........ We are tremendously passionate about our language and our culture. Come, support a cause that invests in our culture and heritage with energy that is all positive. Let's contribute together to give it the strength it deserves. Events such as this are a wonderful way to encourage our children to learn and experience the language and culture, and carry it forth. Hindi Manch provides a platform that fosters interest in Hindi and Hindi like languages and encourages participants to bring forth and showcase the many cultural talents that lay hidden amongst us.

Join us, let us create and share this most entertaining cultural experience together!

Audition NOW for Hindi Manch Sa Re Ga Ma Pa!!!!

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