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Saheli At Janamashtami Celebrations In Braj Mandir

Vandana Sharma

Janamashtami is celebrated amongst the Hindu’s around the world with much enthusiasm and decoration on the streets and valleys to recreate the story of Krishna’s birth. This year at Braj Mandir in Holbrook the communities will gather to recreate the gala construction of a flower palace, made out of real flowers for the deities. The process of decoration will bring to life the living celebration of the city of Vrindavan on this East Coast. Saheli, South Asian Friendship and Support organization will have its volunteers on the South Shore reach out to the families for pledge against violence to women and to help with the seating and support to seniors, women and children during the celebration. Saheli has many supporting arms that meet to outreach end on domestic violence, economic empowerment and volunteer support network for women and families that is also done in collaboration with other supporting organizations. On August 17th of 2014 starting at 4:30 in the evening alongside the melodious Kirtan, Pooja and Prasadam, that is made by the volunteers of the Holbrook temple, Saheli will extend and join helping hands with the attendees to encourage support for South Asian families. For information on the festival, please visit radhabhakti.org and for information on Saheli, please contact saheliboston.org.

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