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Old Martinian Association of New England: Founder's Day Dinner
The local alumni/ae of the La Martiniere schools of Lucknow and Calcutta, are proud to announce the formation of the 'Old Martinian Association of New England (OMANE).' Old Martinian groups have been active worldwide for decades, mostly the ones in the UK, Australia, Delhi, and more recently New York/Tristate. The New England area's first Founder's Day dinner will be held starting at 7:30 pm on Friday 14th September, 2012.

The dinner celebrates the 212th death anniversary of our Founder, Major General Claude Martin, a Frenchman who joined the East India Company in Calcutta as a soldier, and later made Lucknow his home. Martin had many talents, including being an excellent surveyor and architect. Two schools (girls and boys) each at Lucknow and Calcutta and three at Martin’s birthplace of Lyon, France, were started under his Will from the large fortune he left behind.

The La Martiniere schools have a glorious heritage. The Lucknow boys school, which has in the past been referred to as the

Date: 09/14/2012
Location: Masala Art, 990 Great Plain Ave., Needham, MA
Time: 7:30 pm

Email: kapkumar@aol.com

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