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An Evening of Classical Dance
Kaladhaara and the SMVA Trust present Divya and Swathi Krishnan performing a traditional Bharatanatyam repertoire. This evening’s show is a fundraiser for the Sri Karunamayi Free School Building Project. For more information, visit: www.kaladhaara.com The Sri Karunamayi Free School has been built out of the kindness and compassion of countless people who have made donations or sponsored individual students. As the reputation of Amma's school has grown, many villagers have been pleading with Amma to start more schools throughout the Penusila region. It is now Amma's wish to spread the gift of education throughout the entire Penusila region, one school at a time. For more information, visit: http://www.karunamayi.org/charities/Sri- Karunamayi- School.shtml

Date: 09/15/2012
Location: Westover Elementary School 412 Stillwater Avenue Stamford, CT 06902
Time: 4:30 PM

Organized By: Kaladhaara and SMVA Trust

Cost: Adults: $20 Online, $25 At the door Children/Students: $15 Online, $20 At the door

Contact: Swathi Krishnan Divya Krishnan

Web: www.kaladhaara.com
Email: info@kaladhaara.com
Directions: http://goo.gl/maps/47V09

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