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Just Duets
Duets in Hindi films have played a very important role to effectively express the exchange of emotions between Male and Female leads of the story. The duets which were composed in 1950’s and 1960’s were just superb and were no less in quality when pitched against the solos. In fact, at times the duets have gone ahead to overwhelm the solos in the same film, specially when picturized well. While composing duets every composer used his own distinct style. While most duets were based on romantic themes, there were quite a few which expressed sorrow or disappointment or longing. No matter which mood was represented, we have always loved duets and never seem to get tired of listening to them - including all female and even all male duets.

JUST DUETS attempts to capsule and revisit some of the best duets of the Indian cinema with a cross-section of all mainstream singers, composers and song-writers in an intimate setting. So no solos, chorus, group songs, qawwalis or others. JUST DUETS - a colorful and vibrant selection and presentation by some of the most popular local artistes.

Date: 09/15/2012
Location: 125 Prospect Street, Framingham, MA
Time: 7:00 pm

Cost: $18 (advance
$20 (at the door)

Contact: 508.877.4767

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