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Shua Kay Sung/ Framingham
Shua Khan Arshad, a promising and upcoming local talent in the Boston area and a student of Pradeep Shukla is presenting an unusual bouquet of popular Pakistani film songs, ghazals, folk and Sufi kalaam in a style, not normally experienced in the local music scene.....

Shua excels in several languages and has recently captivated audiences in musical shows with her mesmerizing vocals, delivered in her own individual style and appearance.....

Space is limited, so if this is something that interests you, I would urge you to make an early reservation to secure your spots.... Please email or call to make reservations and for additional info..... The performance would take place in a baithak (floor seating) setting..... Limited chairs available for the elderly and others with problems sitting on the floor, but only on advance requests by email.

Date: 01/20/2012
Location: The Hall, 125 Prospect Street, Framingham, MA
Time: 7:30 PM

Cost: Tickets are $20.

Contact: Siraj Khan : Khansaheb2@aol.com 978-621-8030

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