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Talk and Seminar Series: Ancient Wisdom for Modern living
Absorb the power and wisdom of an ancient knowledge. You will find your Mind, Body & Spirit refreshed and re-energized; all without leaving your chair. In this insightful conversation, our speaker, Dev Lingadevaru Bridges ancient eastern wisdom to our everyday life in a practical manner, quietly blending it with yoga power accumulated over 15 years. The practice of Raja Yoga Meditation enhances your ability to concentrate and yet remain relaxed. It leaves you feeling calm, focused and vitalized. This is a rare chance to explore ancient yoga practice, simply by sitting and not moving at all. The speaker for this evening, Dev Lingadevaru, is a software engineer by profession. But his heart has always been linked with spirituality and its depth of wealth. He is currently the co-coordinator of Learning Center for Peace and has been studying Raja Yoga meditation for the past 15 years, and has also 6 years of experience as a teacher of meditation. He is a presenter/facilitator of a variety of projects related to spirituality and personal development and is also a lead coordinator of a major national project called

Date: 07/24/2008
Location: 75 Common Street Watertown, MA.
Time: 7:30 pm

Cost: FREE!

Contact: 617-926-1230

Web: www.bkboston.org
Email: boston@us.bkwsu.org

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