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Talk and Seminar Series: The Healing Power of Love
Just like the Body requires all the nutrients in order for it to be healthy and strong, in the same way, Love is such a nutrient for the Soul. Have we become clever in providing ourself with the healthy wholesome diet of love? The experience of true, pure love gives inner strength, sustenance and contentment in life. Life without the experience of love is dark and dry… Join us for an exploration of this wonderful topic on its various aspects like: what is that pure nourishing love, what makes it grow and what dries it up and what can we do to increase it in our day-to-day life? Our guest for the evening, Zvika Zur, a software engineer by profession, is a parent and a meditation teacher, as well as Self-Empowerment, Positive Thinking and Stress-Free Living Presenter. Born in Israel, and now living in Newton, he has always held a special value for taking the time to re-charge and renew the self through meditation and his spiritual journey. He is also a regular student of Raja Yoga for over 8 years at the Brahma Kumaris Learning Center for Peace. All are welcome.

Date: 07/17/2008
Location: 75 Common Street Watertown, MA
Time: 7:30 pm

Cost: FREE!

Contact: 617-926-1230

Web: www.bkboston.org
Email: boston@us.bkwsu.org

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