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N. Ravikiran / MITHAS
N. RAVIKIRAN, Chitra Veena
Akkarai Subhalakshmi (Violin) ● Trichy Sankaran (Mridangam)

Date: 03/30/2008
Location: Room 34-101, MIT
Time: 4:00 pm

Cost: New Members* & MIT Students- FREE Admission
Seniors & Existing Members - $18
Non-members/General Admission- $ 24
Non-MIT Students- $ 12
(Ticket prices for this concert is at a higher price for all attendees)

*Apply to members who renew/sign-up for a 12-month membership starting February 2008 onwards: Patron of Arts $500 - 4 free tickets/concert, a collectible MITHAS item & 4 free MITHAS CDs ● Family $240 - 4 free tickets/concert ● Couple $180 - 2 free tickets/concert ● Single $100 – 1 free ticket/concert
Free tickets do not apply to MITHAS co-sponsored events and fundraisers
All members get priority seating and discounts on MITHAS concert recordings and CDs

Note: Current members who wish to convert to a new membership package may pay the difference and immediately take advantage of the free admissions for the remainder of their membership period. To convert, please write to mithasmembership@gmail.com today.

Web: www.mithas.org
Email: mithas@mit.edu

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