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Second Annual NetSAP Whitewater Rafting Trip
A night of camping under the stars of Maine with an adventurous day of rafting to follow. Ever wanted to go whitewater rafting? Here’s your chance to get out of the city, enjoy the clean air of Maine, meet new people and have fun! Come see what 35 others enjoyed last year, don’t miss out this year!

Date: 08/27/2005
Location: The Kennebec River in beautiful Maine
Time: 12:00 pm

Cost: Includes 1 night camping in a cabin tent, 1 day rafting and lunch; $85 members, $100 non-member

Contact: 781.962.6217

Web: http://www.whizspark.com/event/viewevents.aspx?eid=1138&hem=A739D6FB00A889197B8969639D3FBD8D5202D805

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